The Past Does Not Need You Anymore

Living purely in the present is much easier said than done, and like many other things, it takes implementation. We may feel that we are giving our full attention to this very moment, but if we dig deeper, how many feelings from the past, such as triggers, guilt, regret, disappointment or pain , are we still holding onto and subconsciously (or consciously) existing through without even realizing it? Or on the other hand, are we so clouded by our wishes, wants, and expectations of the future that we are rushing past the very second we are experiencing right now? The…

There are moments when I am envisioning my future and it feels like everything I’m manifesting is so in reach. Like it’s all waiting for me right at the ends of my finger tips. And then there are moments where I feel like I have no idea where to even begin. I contemplate my journey and I feel intimidated thinking about resuming my life again past this period of stillness we’ve been living in. And after feeling both of those things I ask myself, “why would resuming your life again make you feel intimidated?”. …

A Poem To Remind You Of Your Value

be gentle with yourself -

with your mind, with your body, with your heart

remember that you are human

a uniquely composed being, a timeless work of art

you are soul, emotions, feelings, skin and bones

the strength and light you are searching for

are already things that you own

if there are pieces of yourself

that you find hard to understand -

sit with them, get to know them, embrace them

but please don’t ever let go of your own hand

for if you choose to neglect your pain

and treat yourself as if you were a ghost

a long road it will be

running from the very person

who needed you

the most.

With love and light,

Emily Rose Hinz@thethethoughtblossom

You are not your fear.

Fear, panic, and uncertainty have an interesting way of driving the function of our entire being when they are instilled in a rapid, drastic measure. People who struggle with daily anxiety unfortunately have a closer relationship with this reality, but now the rest of the world has joined us. These forces can hold a lot of power over the way that we consume, perceive, and behave without us even realizing it. They are sneaky but my, are they mighty. But even with their might, we do have the power to be in control. …

Positive reflections during an uncertain time.

Photo by Szabo Viktor on Unsplash

We are collectively living through a massive shift that is flooded with severe lows, but also significant highs. There are an immense amount of lessons being delivered to us all from the universe that I am still trying to process and deeply hone into. And as difficult as it is, I am ever learning to allow the severe lows to fully run their course through me. Receive them fearlessly with open arms, sit outside of myself and be the witness to all that is entering into my hemisphere. This is an opportunity to focus on spending less time asking “why?”

A gentle reminder of your worth.

Photo by Timo Vijn on Unsplash

What an incredible loss it is for someone to have let you go or pass you by.

A loss that will never be replaceable by another being.

Because you, my dear, are irreplaceable.

To lose you is to lose the glimmer of every star above.

To lose you is to lose the whistle of every bird on a warm spring day.

To lose you is to lose the cotton candy colors of a sunset sky.

You are worthy of every ounce of love on this Earth.

And just because someone was unable to love you,

Does not mean that you…

Welcome to The Thought Blossom ~

Join me on this journey of healing & efflorescence…

a place for thoughts, a place for moments, a place for love, a place for release

a place of freedom, a place of pain, a place of hope, a place of memories

the beginning of a new day, the end of a long night

a place of comfort

a place for our hands to touch

and release the love

from our hearts –

and find peace.

My name is Emily Rose Hinz and I am the creator of the poetry Instagram platform, The Thought Blossom. I am an artist based in…

Emily Rose Hinz @thethoughtblossom

••• Wellness Writer \\ Healer // Creator ••• Poetry and Heartfelt Words — from the love of my soul to yours. Join me on this journey of eternal growth.

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